Model Siew Pui Yi’s massive progress as Asia’s high-end internet star Pui Yi reveals what keeps her motivated throughout the life

Living life full of luxuries is not an option but a choice. The ideology of “You only live once” is something that Asia’s leading model and influencer Siew Pui Yi lives by. The sensational diva has created a rage over the webspace with her sultry posts and videos.

At 15, she was discovered by a talent management company, and since then, Siew Pui Yi has never turned back. The 23-year old in her spectacular career has collaborated with Asia’s top-notch brands and influencers, and she is widely considered as one of the highest-paid personalities. Hailing from Malaysia, Siew Pui Yi has had her fair share of struggles before achieving the unimaginable feat.


However, the model from an early age, knew what she exactly wanted. Giving in her best efforts, the influencer eventually paved her way towards excellence. Siew’s majority of the posts on social media caters to adults, but she has always stuck to her professional ethos. “I have often been targeted for the seductive posts on the internet that have hampered me on a personal and professional level. I have been trolled and have gone through it all, and it has made me stronger than ever”, she revealed.

Siew-Pui-Yi 2

In her career of almost 8 years, Siew Pui Yi has garnered love from more than 15 million followers on Instagram. Besides this, the scintillating model has built her presence across other social media platforms. YouTube has been yet another platform where she creates alluring content for the audience. Her YouTube channel in less than a year has inched closer to 100K subscribers. Keeping the consistency of her content intact, Siew Pui Yi seems to be unstoppable and has got a lot to explore in the coming time.

Apart from being a favourite name among the brands, Siew Pui Yi also has various ventures under her name. ‘MSPUIYI COSMETICS’ is one of the prominent and most successful brands that have products like lip gloss, lip matte and other beauty products. Another beauty brand that Siew Pui Yi plans to launch soon is ‘Kieski Skincare’ which will have an array of daily care products for sale across the world.

When asked what keeps Siew Pui Yi motivated throughout her life, she replied, “It is all about focusing on self rather than looking at what others are doing. When you are determined, you get to see results, and that’s what keeps me going.” The booty model who was once fascinated by the best global brands has got two successful brands under her name. Her coveted portfolio in recent years has helped her establish brand value, and Siew Pui Yi is unarguably one of the most eminent names across the Asian continent.

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